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How we are managing consultations in these challenging times. 

Treatment of skin disorders with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is famous for its use in dermatology, and here are some of the skin conditions that we treat in the clinic:

  • Acne both in teenagers and adults  
  • Alopecia  
  • Eczema  
  • Herpes simplex (coldsores and genital herpes) 
  • Herpes zoster (shingles)  
  • Insect bite reactions   
  • Mouth ulcers  
  • Perioral dermatitis  
  • Psoriasis  
  • Rosacea  
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis (including dandruff) 
  • Urticaria  

RG came to clinic with a long history of allergic eczema. She had very sore dry flakey and itchy skin around the eyes; after a course of herbal medicine the results were dramatic - as you can see. It is now many months since the treatment stopped, but the benefit is still maintained. 

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