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Covid 19

How we are managing consultations in these challenging times.

Now we have the go ahead from our professional organisations and from the government, and we have put in place a number of measures so that we can be confident that the clinic will be a safe environment for face to face consultations. 

Masks: if you do not have your own mask then we will provide you with a disposable mask on arrival. (Costs 50p) Masks will be worn throughout the majority of the consultation, and we have made a large clear screen which offers further protection, so that we can safely take our masks off for short periods of time.

Social distancing: here in the clinic there is plenty of space for us to move around and remain at a safe distance. 

Hand washing and sanitizers: available on arrival and throughout the consultation.

Spacing out appointments:  we are allowing plenty of time between customers so that we can clean down all necessary surfaces in between bookings, and to have time to ventilate the rooms. We want to ensure that only one client will be in the clinic at a time, and so we are asking all of our customers to arrive just on time for their appointment, and to wait in the car if you arrive early.

Online and phone consultations

Herbs with Stacey: To minimise face to face time in the clinic we can do much of the consultation on the phone or over the internet, and we will then just need a shorter time together in the clinic in order to carry out traditional tongue and pulse diagnosis, which is a corner stone of our tradition. As we move forward into treatment we can do some follow up consultations on the phone or internet, and some face to face, a system that I have used successfully for many years when customers have had to travel a long way.

Mindfulness with Stacey: During lockdown I have been offering one to one mindfulness sessions over the phone and internet, and I am happy to continue to offer this way of working. However we have been working hard to ensure that the clinic is a safe environment for face to face consultations and so I am ready to welcome anyone who would prefer to meet in person.

Acupuncture treatments with Duey: Duey will be carry out the initial consultation on the phone or internet. In the clinic contact time is kept to a minimum as, once the needles are in place, Duey can leave the room while you are resting on the couch. 

Before your appointment: We would request where possible that you come to the clinic straight from home, to avoid contact with others, and wearing fresh clothes. We will also be in contact with you on the day before or the day of the treatment to ask a few simple questions to ensure that you do not have any telltale Covid 19 symptoms.

Payment: by Bank Transfer would be preferred. 

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