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Chinese Medicine in Holmfirth

Chinese Herbal Medicine, often known as "TCM" (Traditional Chinese Medicine), has been developed over more than 2 thousand years. It is a flexible and powerful system in which we use herbal medicine to treat almost anything you can think of. Below I have listed some of the common conditions that are successfully treated with TCM:

• Infertility (see the Infertilty page)
• Menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats
• Menstrual problems
• Chronic fatigue
• Tiredness
• Digestive problems
• Urinary problems eg cystitis
• Anxiety insomnia and depression
• Skin conditions (see the TCM for skin disorders page)
• Chronic and acute respiratory problems
• Chronic and acute sinus congestion
• Joint inflamation and pain

There are 3 main ways that the herbs can be taken:

• Loose dried herbs are cooked up into a "tang" or soup, and then taken as a drink.
• Concentrated powdered herbs are made into an instant drink.
• Concentrated herbs are pressed into pill form.

stacey ash
Mei Gui Hua, Rosae Rugosae, Rose Buds

stacey ash
Lian Zi, Semen Nelumbinis, Lotus Seed


"Making the decision to see Stacey Ash for treatment has been singularly the best move I have ever made to better my own health. I was able to stop medication on which I had been dependent since a baby and my health was transformed. I have stayed that way now for 8 years.

I was born with a progressive form of kidney disease that required surgery and long-term treatment with daily antibiotics. As I got older the disease progressed as expected and my outlook was not good. I had to stop work.

I first saw Stacey for disabling pain related to my condition that doctors couldn't explain or treat. I then had no idea of the abilities and complexities of Chinese Medicine. She saw the pain away after one acupuncture session and was able to explain why I had it. She gave me advice about foods that would help my condition and suggested I consider herbal treatment. I was obviously cautious but felt it was possible that I might get some benefit, especially as the acupuncture had worked so well, so I tried the herbs.

I was not expecting the massive improvement I experienced very quickly. My condition stabilised immediately and after 5 months of herbal treatment and acupuncture I was able to end my reliance on antibiotics after 32 years of taking them. I felt much better too in all sorts of ways and the dietary advice also made a big difference. She gave me insight into how I could control things, which was something nobody had been able to do before. I was also able to start working again.

I am a doctor and I know where my condition was otherwise heading and what Stacey has done for me. Obviously my kidneys will always be damaged but I have no symptoms and I feel great. I take no pills and haven't needed herbs either for years. I was even discharged from hospital follow up. She has given me the future I never thought I would be able to have. Her intervention was truly a miracle to me."

MC, Huddersfield