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Mindfulness and Acupuncture

Discover and enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation through acupuncture and mindfulness combined.

This is what one client said to me after her first treatment using this combined approach

“...I feel I have gone to a place where I am no longer afraid...”

And here is a review from google ads

“...Stacey has helped me prepare my body for IVF through acupuncture. After every session I feel completely relaxed due to the guided meditation Stacey offers whilst the needles are working their magic. One of the main differences I have noticed is that I'm a much calmer person since my first visit, which is a huge improvement as I used to get cross quite quickly. I have now had 4 sessions and find Stacey welcoming, friendly and brilliant at what she does- highly recommended...”

Whatever your health problem you may find that this is the approach you have been looking for. It is beneficial for the relief of many types of stress related symptoms. It is also very enjoyable... and enhances our well being... even if we are feeling pretty good already!

Acupuncture is famous for the effect it has of relaxing and calming the mind and body, and here in my clinic I also share some guided meditation practices with you during the acupuncture sessions. This works very well because we usually leave the acupuncture needles in place for 20 minutes or more. So this gives us the ideal opportunity to deepen into relaxation through meditation. I use a variety of mindfulness meditation practices, including the bodyscan, mindfulness of the breath and body, and loving kindness practices. If you wish you can download recordings of these for free in order to do some home practice. This way of working is offered with no extra charges to you, and of course it is not compulsory!

I have been practicing mindfulness meditation for myself over the last few years, and found so much benefit that I instinctively wanted to share this with my clients. It has become the cornerstone of my approach with many of my clients.

I also teach the 8 week Mindfulness Stress Reduction Course, and offer in house classes for businesses and work teams in the public sector. For more information about this visit my website

As your mind lets go, your body lets go, and your energy flows freely