stacey ash therapies

Opening times, appointments, fees and location

The address is:

118, Dunford Road, Holmfirth, HD9 2DT, West Yorkshire

landline: 01484 684245

mobile: 07966 105387

Opening times:

The clinic is open Monday to Friday, and exact times vary. I offer evening appointments if necessary, please call me to discuss opening times.

stacey ash

Company registration number: 4485384


Fees for acupuncture:
Initial consultation, taking 90 minutes: £55
Follow up appointment, taking 60 minutes: £45

Fees for Herbs:
Initial Consultation, taking 60 minutes: £45
Follow up Appointment, taking 30 minutes: £25

Herbs are sold by weight and most prescriptions cost around £20 per week. However some conditions require large doses of medicine to be effective, for example skin conditions, and in this case costs for herbs can be from £30 upto £50 per week. The clinic can waive fees for patients when cost is an issue.

Helping with the costs of Acupuncture treatments: Leeds Hopital Fund (LHF), HSA and Westfield are just some of the private medical insurance schemes who will pay towards the costs of Acupuncture. If you are already a member of one of these schemes you will find they are happy to help with the fees, and if you are not yet a member why not have a look into the benefits the schemes offer.